The children's project in Thankot

The origin of the project

The future of Singla and Khorla is in the hands of the next generation. Good schooling therefore plays an important role. In 2008, Som Bahadur Gurung and Therese Baenziger started the project in Thankot, 15 km outside of Kathmandu. In a private house, 6 children from Singla, who came from poor or difficult family circumstances, were given a home. The children still live in the house as a large family and are supervised by 3-4 local people.

In order to guarantee the future of the children and their families from the children's project, T.Bänziger, together with Margrit Gyr and Nadja Kramer, founded the Friends of Singla Nepal Foundation, based in Lyss, Switzerland, on 13 May 2016.

The children

The children are between 2 and 20 years old and attend a private school with Nepali-English lessons in Thankot. Of today's 18 children, 4 children attend the public school in Thankot. The whole family lives in a private house of Som Bahadur, which is supported and financed by the FOS-Nepal Foundation. Our foundation is financed by donations. A child costs around 600 euros / CHF per year. Donators are always welcome, whether short or long term.


In addition to the increasing number of children in the house, the work is also steadily increasing. In order to cope with the situation, we have been able to gain valuable employees during the last few years, who are active in the house and support Som in the care of the children. Here is a little insight.    



Maya, lives since June 2009 in Thankot. She is a distant cousin of Som. Maya has a son, now 9 years old, who also lives in the house. Maya comes from Khorla, a mountain village near Singla. She is responsible for the budget, the purchases and the organisation of the house in Thankot.





Deepa, is also from Khorla. She came to the house of with her daughter Shristi in October 14. Her husband still works as a teacher in Khorla. Deepa lives and works in the house since she arrived. She supports Maya in everyday life. 2017 she decided to go to school again. Now she is in the 11. class at the collage. She likes to become a teacher. 


Punmani (Sumina), comes from Singla. She is one of 4 sisters of Arjun who has lived in the house for 8 years. She is a niece of Som who could not finish her 10th school year in the mountain region after the earthquake in 2015 and came to Thankot for this reason. Since then, she has been living and working in the house and attending the 11th and 12th grade. Her dream is to become a teacher like her older sister Sonja.


Dhan Raj, 21 years old from Khorla. After the earthquake in 2015 he came to our house from the destroyed mountain village. Since then he has been working as a house boy and supports Maya in everyday life. At first he wanted to start an apprenticeship as a waiter. In spring 2016, he decided to make up for the missing school years of the 11th and 12th grade. He works and supports Maya and Som in the house and also attends school together with Punmani (Sumina).


The oldest boys who came to the house 10 years ago, choosed now to go their own way. 

Jit (Maila) is married and lives in Singla. He is a farmer, mountainguide and a suporter for the projects in Singla. 

Pushpa finished his apprenticeship as a metalworker. He has now a little boy and lives with his wife near the childrenhouse in Thankot. He supports Som also in different projects. 

Suk Bahadur is joying the military academy in India. This academy is a very good life-school in which he learns different skills for his further life.


Students as Suman and Sonja we also support during their apprenticeships. Both lives and works now in Singla.



The house

After the devastating earthquake in April 2015, the old house had to be demolished. For about a year, the large family lived in a temporary bamboo and corrugated metal hut, which was leaking everywhere.

With the help of the privately organised donation campaign in Switzerland, a new house for the children could be built and moved into in May 2016. Thanks for the generous support.

the old house

the temporary bamboo house

the new house

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