February 2021

In Gumda, a neighboring town of Singla, a gas bottle and a gas stove with 2 cylinders were distributed to 280 families with the aim of:

- Reduce the consumption of firewood

- Prevent or reduce lung problems, burns and other health hazards

April / May 2020


Therese Bänziger has been traveling to the FOS children's project at the end of March / April for 12 years. The school year is over and we spend a few days of vacation together during this time.

This spring 2020, with the lockdown in Switzerland and Nepal, a visit was not possible. We are in regular contact with Som Bahadur to deal with everyday problems and small additional projects.



Our oldest girls of the project have prepared for a party in April20 in their traditional clothing.

January 2020

A long-cherished wish of FOS is coming true. In the mountain village of Singla, Som started a forest cultivation project near the village with a group of local men and women in December 2019. 

The aim is:

- to use unused land to plant trees

- Prevent landslides during the rainy season

- to shorten the ways for wood extraction for everyday life in the future

The cooperation with Tierra de Paz begins in January 20 with a visit from Martina and Cris from Argentina, who live for a month in the children's project FOS and work out possibilities for a cooperation between the two organizations. They arranged a healthcampaign at the beginning of the pandemic, and taught the children and adults of the house how to prevent an infection of coronavirus. They also organized creative and sporting activities with the children and tutored them for their school exams.

October / November 2019



Therese visits the children's home during the Tihar festivities in 2076. During her stay, she makes several trips with the children (see pictures).



A friend of Bishnu from Khorla Lalita has been living in the house for 6 months and is in the 11th grade. She receives board and lodging. The mother pays for the school fees.




Arjun's sister, Sukmaya, has been living in the house with her 2 children since summer 2019. Her daughter Arpana had already lived in the project for 1 year. Sukmaya helps with the household, her son Anbol goes to private kindergarten like the other small children.


Therese visits Dr. Ruth Gonseth, who built and furnished a hospital in Ratnagar, Chitwan as part of her Shanti med organization, was very interesting. I brought her knitwear and toys for her little patients from Switzerland. A remarkable project!




Sisana, a friend of the house, was supported by us by financing her braces.



Four women from Khorla lived in the house for a month. You need medical treatment, some of which our organization co-financed.

April 2019



Therese B. visited the children's project in Thankot for around 4 weeks in April 2019.

From April 5th to 15th the whole family went on a trip to Chitwan - Lumbini - Sarangkot - Pokhara and back to Kathmandu



Jakub with his mother from Khorla. She lived in Thankot for the whole month of April 19. She had extensive dental treatment in Kathmandu.


The new school year began in Thankot in mid-April 2019. The 4 youngest children now go to the same private school as the older children. The two youngest go to kindergarten. The two older children started school in 1st grade.


From the 1st to the 9th grade, 11 children attend a private school in Thankot. 7 boys and 4 girls. A girl goes to Thankot public school.

march 2019



From March 2019 we will support Saili's eldest son and her late husband Shere in Thankot.

Sarin attends a private school for a year so that he can graduate from school. A private sponsor took over the annual costs of this school.

december 2018



Som's father has been living in the children's home since December 2018. He was brought from Singla to Thankot and from there to the hospital in Kathmandu. After his treatments he has been recovering for 4 months together with the children in Thankot.


From December we will support these two small projects for the next 5 years:


Suman, a former student, moved back to Singla and started a family. He works as a teacher in a small school near Singla. An additional teacher was sought for the increasing number of children who will be financed for the next 5 years until the school receives state support.



The widow of Shere (our longtime friend and trekking cook) and her 3 children get support from the foundation with a small wage so that they can earn a living by growing vegetables on a small piece of land. We will cover the school costs for the oldest two children in the new year.

November 2018

Therese Bänziger is visiting the children's home in Thankot for the second time this year. The 2019 budget for the children's project was drawn up together with Som. Urgent purchases have been made for the house with Som and Maya.

Finally, tables and benches as well as heating were installed in the children's work room.

A visit to the dentist was urgently necessary for 5 children.

Together we celebrate Som's birthday at a barbecue, as well as Therese's farewell dinner.

August 2018

For the 7th time, the FOS-Nepal Foundation is presenting the children's project in Thankot at the Multicultural Festival in Lyss. Som B. Gurung is traveling from Nepal and is also participating in this event.

June 2018




Samrat- has completed his training in India and is visiting the children's project. Som is very proud of the former student.

May 2018



We are financing the college attendance (11th / 12th grade) in Kathmandu for 4 students. In addition to attending school, they continue to help with the household.

April 2018


The new school year began on April 15, 2018. In two private schools and one public school, the 15 children between the ages of 3 and 16 are taught up to grade 10. The 3 oldest girls (17/18/19 years old) are preparing for college (11/12 school year), with a focus on health care. The 4th young woman starts the 12th year of school and is preparing for teacher training.


Therese Bänziger visited the children's project in Thankot together with Margrit and Roland Gyr. Last year, a small house with a guest room and a bathroom was built on the former children's playground next to the children's house. In the small house there are two guest rooms and a bedroom for the older boys. A fourth room was designed as a classroom and handicraft room for the children. Som's daughter looks after and teaches the younger school children here and helps with their homework. The small house could be realized thanks to Swiss sponsors.




Many generous donors from Switzerland provided us with rubber boots, backpacks and children's clothes that we could distribute directly in the children's home. We brought around 90 kg of goods for the children.



In April we were able to take in a little girl in the house.



With our guests Margrit and Roland we visited the sights of Boudha and Bhaktapur. The reconstruction after the earthquake 3 years ago is progressing steadily.


The excursion to Chandregiri Hill in Thankot with the new cable car was a special experience for all children and adults. A newly created tourist attraction that takes about 20 minutes. The excursion was sponsored by Margrit and Roland Gyr. A special experience for the children was the ride in the gondola, the beautifully designed water games at the valley station and the large free children's playground on the mountain. Even the grandmother enjoyed the trip.

March 2018



Two little girls Renuka 5 years old and Arpana 4 years old from Singla are moving into the children's home. From April, at the beginning of the new school year, they and 2 other children were enrolled in the kindergarten in Thankot in a private school.

January 2018



A new washing machine was bought and installed on top of the roof. Nevertheless, the laundry is still being washed by the stream.

A new offer for volunteers from Switzerland and France has been organized. The new house now offers enough space for future volunteers.

December 2017

The foundation president Therese Bänziger visited the children's project in Thankot for 3 weeks. Together with our local Nepalese partner, Som Bahadur Gurung, current issues were discussed and the 2018 budget was prepared.

Together with children and family members from Som Gurung, T.Bänziger visited the mountain village of Singla to take part in the funeral services of Som's mother.

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